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Reduces up to 90% of loose and dead hair – Sick of cleaning up hair on carpets, furniture, clothes and car seats? The pet deshedder helps to remove loose fur undercoat without damaging the topcoat.

Durable and comfortable – This pet brush has a soft non-slip handle for comfort and ease of use and a 4 inch high quality stainless steel (anti-rust) deshedding edge. Suitable for dogs or cats with medium to long fur.

Healthier pet – Gentle on your pet’s skin. Regular use of the deshedding tool promotes natural oils for healthier skin and shiny glossy coat. Reduces shedding by up to 90% within 4-6 weeks of use. 

Easy to clean and store – Just press the button to easily remove the deshedder head for cleaning. Free cotton bag perfect for travel and storage.

Free pet grooming guide – Not sure how to use pet deshedder or groom your furry friend properly? Don't worry, we offer a comprehensive ebook to describe a step by step process on pet grooming. Click here to download the guide.