Premium Lime Glitter Tweezers Set

  • $8.00
  • Save $5.95

  • Pain Free Plucking - Don't you hate dull tweezers that don't grip properly and painfully pull at the hair without removing it? These hand-crafted tweezers have anti-slip precision tips to ensure exceptional plucking every time and won't pinch your skin.
  • No more breaking hairs and prevent ingrown hair - Don't you get frustrated with painful tweezers that break hairs rather than pull them out? These tweezers grab and pull all unwanted hair gently from the root. Easy to use and no breakages guaranteed! The ingrown hair tweezers have pointed sharp tips to remove any foreign objects from under your skin.
  • Get precise perfect eyebrows - The tweezers will help you to create the look you want. They will grab fine, thin, single or multiple hairs easily. Get 3 premium tweezers for the price of 1. You can use them anywhere anytime and keep your eyebrow perfect all the time.
  • Never lose your tweezers again - Isn’t it annoying to keep looking for tweezers? The complimentary faux leather case will keep all tweezers in good condition in one place. Perfect for home use and travel!
  • Sharp for life - Getting sick of buying tweezers which don't work? The tweezers will give you precise results and clean eyebrows at the end of the work day. It's a small price to pay for your personal care…And what’s more, you get 3 cute sparkly glitter tweezers!

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