About Us


This is Olivia. You guys already know me, but today I am going to introduce myself as part of a like-minded team of individuals at Le Web Pty Limited!

All of us who are a part of Le Web stand together in our love for a healthy lifestyle and our conscious shift to organic products and holistic remedies. In case, you are wondering why - It is because we believe that Mother Nature still knows the best and our bodies can do with a dose of natural as opposed to artificial!

That said, each of us was motivated towards making this shift by our personal experiences with natural, organic products, more specifically essential oils, perfume oils, balms and of course skincare!

From User To Manufacturer!

This journey has been one of self-realization, discoveries, constant search for the best raw material and extracts, innumerable trials and more. We at Le web Pty Limited believe that right after you discover the benefits of holistic remedies, you are faced with a huge hurdle, one that has the power to turn you away from this beneficial way of living and healing!

Yes, I am talking about finding high quality, unadulterated and organic ingredients. Particularly when it comes to essential oils and skincare, there is no dearth of product makers who promise the world but deliver zilch! In fact, L’ORPUR products came into existence on the heels of our own search for quality essential oil manufacturers and organic raw material suppliers.

So, today what we at Le Web give you are the very oils, perfumes, balms and skincare range of L’ORPUR products that we ourselves are using. Hence, you can be absolutely sure about the quality of all of products!

Our Commitment To Offering The Purest! Our Promise To Deliver Only The Best!

I will clarify one thing at the outset - Le Web Pty Limited DOES NOT offer the cheapest products in the market. Because, you know that purity comes at a price and you almost always get what you pay for!
But, there is also one more thing that I want to state here - Le Web is not a profit-crazed organization that cuts corners and charges exorbitant prices just to fill its coffers. Blind profiteering is NOT what we stand for, but we do stand for an unwavering commitment to giving you the very best for every dollar you spend!

At Le Web, we are as dedicated to selling products at affordable prices as we are to maintaining the highest product quality. Although we are only a company of just 3 years old, we have spent each day of those 3 years with a zealous commitment to the purity of our products!

Our Products - Your Health & Satisfaction!

The very first time you use our L’ORPUR products you will know that offerings from Le Web Pty Limited are a class apart! Be it our essential oils, our oil blends, our perfume oils, our health products and our skincare, every one of our offerings is a testament to the fact that we DO NOT take your health and satisfaction for granted. So, when you buy from Le Web, you get:
  • The purest essential oils and blends you’ll come across (made in USA)
  • Pure perfume oils free from artificial additives (made in USA)
  • Organic lip balms and jumbo tubes (made in USA)
  • Natural skincare for every skin type (made in Canada)
  • All blended to perfection
  • Sourced from 100% organic manufacturing plants
  • Derived from organically harvested raw material
  • Procured from geographic locations famed for a particular plant or raw material
  • High quality information backed by years of research
  • With no adulteration whatsoever
  • A diverse range of products to suit your busy lifestyles

Free Shipping on Every Product

Paying for shipping isn't awesome. That's why we ship every item to you for FREE. Yes, every item includes FREE Shipping.

Awesome Hand-Picked Products

We believe in awesome natural products as well as doing small things with great love and that's why we don't carry everything, we just carry the best things.

That's why, at shop.essentialoilbenefits.com, you'll always get ridiculously amazing service, as we guide you through our selection of awesome products, and help you find the most suitable product. Then, we'll deliver it to your home for FREE.

Once it arrives, be sure to let us know how we did! Drop us a note or send us a photo of you if you prefer.

Thank you for shopping at shop.essentialoilbenefits.com!

The L'ORPUR Difference

  • Awesome natural products
  • Free shipping on all products
  • Secure shopping
We work and sell by the ethos that if you are paying, you should not have to compromise! When you buy a L’ORPUR product, you will never have to ponder over the quality of the product getting, ever!      
Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee!
We Do Small Things With Great Love!
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