L'orpur Perfume Oil - RA

  • $12.95

10ml Perfume / Fragrance Oil (Roll-On Bottle)
This inimitably masculine fragrance projects the image of regality, adventure, elitism and sensuality all at once. A blending of notes that are consummately masculine, Ra combines grassy overtones with rich and sensuous spices and conifers. The top notes are refreshingly spring-like created through the use of artemesia, basil and the “hard to miss” bergamot.  
For the heart notes, the timeless appeal of leather, chamomile and pine needles will utterly enthrall your senses. But it is the base notes of amber, vetiver, oak moss, cedar and musk that gives this fragrance its unique brand of masculine sexuality. This perfume is ideal for the man who loves to be in charge both outdoors and indoors. Ra is just the fragrance for the man who conveys the image of chivalry and raw masculinity.

Why make Ra your signature perfume?

  • Although the notes of this fragrance are distinctly fresh and grassy, do not underestimate the longevity of this perfume. A single application on the pulse points will serve you for 12 hours or more depending on your level of activity.
  • The projection or sillage of this perfume has a tantalizing and piquant quality to it. So, don’t be surprised if the women around you move just a few inches too close in an attempt to get another whiff of your heavenly fragrance.
  • This is an all-natural product with no alcohol. So, you will never have to worry about the health concerns caused by carcinogenic substances.
  • This fragrance does work well when you want to spend the day sweating outdoors but make no mistake, this is one of those rare fragrances that work well on all fronts, day or night, work or play, for a date or when hanging out with the boys!
  • More of the fragrant/active ingredients means longer lasting power and more bang for your buck. So, your 10 ml bottle will last you for months even if used every day.

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